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the sun, apparently the final frontier

Well, apparently we are going to the sun. Seems legit to me. I honestly have to say, Don Pettit said it best: “If dinosaurs had explored space, they would still be alive today”. That too, also seems legit. I just don’t understand it. How in the ever loving truth does anyone actually believe any of this nonsensical CGI garbage?

All of the images and animations we are shown of the sun with its massive bursts of solar flares is absolute idiocy. The following is a much closer representation to the truth than what we are constantly shown. Do you see any flares of chaos or configurations of heating gas in either of these sets of images below? No… because this is what the sun actually looks like. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff we are presented looks way cooler and way more exciting (flares and masses of moving gas), but that does not make it truth!


But hey, if the entire world wants to think we are flying through space in 4 directions at once at unfathomable speeds while still managing to hold a motionless glass of water in their hands, then let them think whatever they want. The type of people that believe that type of nonsensical stuff are the same ones believing in NASA’s current claims of reaching out to the sun. Sure… next thing you know it we’ll be landing a man on the sun too. Or better yet, a man on Mars so we can get over there to figure out who the heck has been cleaning those solar panels on the Rovers for all these years.

Anyway, since most of you that read this blog know that I am totally against NASA and the concept the Copernican Principle in general, I thought I would share with you a few of the items on my Etsy Store that go right along with the theme of how I feel about today’s so called modern science. Because, you know… millions and billions of years is clearly observable, testable, and repeatable.


In short, NASA is a liar, Michelson and Morley proved the earth was motionless already, and the ISS acronym actually stands for; international scam station. Science is something we can observe, test, and repeat. And almost all of what we are taught today about the world  around us defies observation, can’t be tested, and therefore can not be repeated.

Pseudoscience is a religion.

But no… seriously. I only have 3 questions. One, if the material hasn’t existed until now… what are we using said material for with practical application here on earth (none, because it doesn’t exist)? If a rocket leaves the atmosphere at let’s say, 800 miles an hour, how in the ever loving truth are they accelerating it to godlike speeds in the vacuum of space with nothing to push or pull against when trying to generate extra momentum? And finally, why are you buying into this nonsense? If we have a 4 inch shield that could withstand the radiation and heat that NASA claims, we could put a man in a suit made of that same material and go in and clean up Trinoble.

Just think about it. Use common sense and a basic understanding of physics and you will see right through this ridiculousness.

Then again, maybe I’m just ignorant.

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Blank Check; pedophilia and murder

Outside of watching videos on Youtube and occasional glances in the break room at work, I have not watched any actual television in what feels like more than a month. There is a reason I have quit watching it for the sake of entertainment. It is absolute trash. Just the other day on a talk show in the break room at work, the female host boasted that a man should have multiple girlfriends… and that it was okay for him to hide it from each girl he was seeing… because he has money and can do what he wants. The mainly female audience applauded (because let’s face it, what woman doesn’t want a rich man, cheater or not).

So… when I was asked a few times by my best friend to watch a childhood favorite, Blank Check… I obliged despite it being a Disney film. So, we started to watch it and it didn’t take long for me to start rolling my eyes. It did not disappoint and proves that my reasoning for stepping away from movies and television for the sake of entertainment is justified. I don’t honestly know of a single immorality that this movie did not glorify. Lust. Murder. Greed. Sexual deviance. Like, seriously…

The opening scene is of a thief kissing money and asking it if it has missed him as much as he missed it (calling it his woman).


Not even a minute into meeting our main character it just so happens that pornography is mentioned while setting up a desk top computer. Keep in mind that this is a PG film for children and the main character is clearly more than likely only in the 6th grade.

The scene went something like this:

Dad: This’ll teach you (pointing to the computer software in his hand) everything but how to make love to a woman. 

Mom: Hmm, now I know what software to get your father for Christmas.

It gets even better when the main character gets his blank check, cashes it, and manages to spend $999,666 in six days. But that isn’t the good part. The good part of the film is when we have the money spending montage and the camera pans to the cash register just quick enough to see the cashier punch 666 into the register keys (click here to find the movie on Youtube to see that gem for yourself).

But wait, there’s more.

Money buys happiness… and Nazi fashion apparel.


Attempting to murder a child for money is a thing. Not to mention the countless verbal threats of violence (antagonist telling his fellow criminal that he had a bullet in his barrel with his name on it if he didn’t still the money back). Almost throwing a kid off a building for said love of money, but you know, it’s whatever.


And the best for last… pedophilia. A grown woman in her thirties going on multiple “dates” with a 6th grader, which eventually leads to a romantic kiss while suggesting they try things out in a “few years” (when he is of legal age I guess). The sexual tension built between these two characters is outlandish… and yet easily misleading when we consider the age group that this movie was intended for (children going through puberty and being curious about their changing bodies).


But hey, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to. Love of money… because, it makes life better. Murdering children for the love of said money. The underlying sexual tension that exists throughout the entire film between an adult and a minor. But anyway… I’m just repeating myself at this point.

Give me a break. It is absolute trash.

The crazy thing to consider is that this degrading movie came out in 1994. What we consider PG these days is less suitable for children than it was 10 years ago. One would have to ask themselves, do I actually take the time to evaluate what I watch?

Note: I am not saying that if you watch TV you are going to hell or anything silly like that. I am just saying that for my own sake, I had to turn it off and step away. My prayer is that you not turn it off, but prayerfully consider the things that you take in for entertainments sake.  

In short, I think that we are living in an era where what we take in truly matters. And just because it is meant for kids, doesn’t mean it is moral.