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Updating the store and my music page


I have been busy updating the store on Etsy. Although I still have a lot to update for each listing on the store, I am a lot closer to finished than if I had just started. I am really happy with how the photos turned out. A friend of mine from church helped me on that front.

As for the music…

I spent this morning updating the music section of my website. Rather than just having a hyper link in the navigation bar that sent you to an entirely separate site, I have integrated all of the music from my tour days into the site with the use of bandcamp embedded HTML.

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Noah is pretty much as legit as it gets

Well, after nearly 6 and a half years I have somehow managed to find my way back into a studio recording. You have no idea how good it feels to be laying down tracks again after all this time. One of my friends from church just so happens to be as legit as it comes, and that’s all there is to it.


I hung out at his house for a few hours today laying the groundwork for a Deathcore song. I had a lot of fun. It may seem silly, but I got a lot of emotional release out of today’s session. Although this is not typically the genre I have recorded and toured in the past, I am extremely excited about this project. Tentatively, right now the goal is to record a 3 song EP and self release it on bandcamp. From there who knows what will happen… all that really matters is that right now we are having fun with it, and that’s what counts.

Here is a little taste of what we laid down. I recommend putting on headphones. My cellphone’s mic recorder doesn’t do it justice otherwise.

Anyway, this dude is my new hero… apart from Jesus of course. More on this adventure as it develops in the near future.

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A home studio in the near future?

Well, life is crazy. I seem to have a lot going on in life right now. With that in mind, it probably isn’t the most realistic time in the world for me to be thinking about this… but, I have been thinking about putting together my own little home studio. At the end of the day, despite all that I have going on, I miss writing and recording music. Recently, I recorded a song for a friend’s project. They are still working on the project, but it got me itching to write again. On top of that, I recently started looking for good FREE Christian music on Bandcamp. Having been searching for new music like I have been… it makes me realize that I could easily put together an EP or full length album and pitch it to indie level record labels that would sign you without requiring you to do any touring.

With that said, I just need to do it.


I need to come up with a budget and just put together a small home studio so that I can spend time at home writing and recording for fun. The possibilities could be endless. I could do acoustic music, chiptunes and 8-bit, or even deathcore with the right plug ins.

I have been looking at prices for stuff and although I don’t know a lot about it, I think I could get away with doing a realistic home studio for about $3,000 considering the fact that I would be starting from scratch.

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Send Me Home – Digging through Bandcamp

Well, a while back I did a thing. I decided to remove all of the music from my library that was not Christ centered. With that, I ended up trashing more than half of my music. Now that my library is somewhat bare bones I have been itching to find new Christ centered music to fill my iPod with.

With that as my goal I spent about three hours this morning on Bancamp combing through Christian deathcore and hardcore bands. I found more than a dozen that absolutely meet my standard for the genre. But, the thing is… I am also not made of money. I am looking to fill my library for free if I can help it (which is kind of ironic when you consider I used to make a living off of my music). Well, Bandcamp did not disappoint. Rather than get a bit-torrent and steal music, I trolled Bandcamp for bands that were giving away their albums, EP’s, and singles. Although most bands were not doing this I did find 3 albums, one EP, and one Single that sounded fantastic enough to grab.

Of all the Free music I was able to scrounge up this morning, the band Send Me Home really struck a chord with me. If you are into the hardcore scene and are looking for a solid Christian band to check out, their EP – The Struggle, is FREE. I recommend giving it a listen. Hopefully in the near future I will come across a few more gems in the sea of bands littered across the FREE section of Bandcamp. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.