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Episode 5 of the podcast is now live

So, I just wanted to go ahead and throw out there that this podcast has actually been on a roll. Considering I only just recently decided to start doing it, I feel like I am already starting to find a grove with it. This is already the 5th episode. I feel like the audio has cone a long way since the first episode. And, although I am still very new to the entire thing as a project, I feel like I have gotten into a pretty solid groove. I could be wrong though…

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Reduced Price on several Etsy listings

I have decided to clear out some of my inventory. With that, a few of my items are currently on sale at a reduced price of only $1.99 each. That is a pretty good deal considering the cost of similar items from most retailers on Etsy. Get these items at this price while they last.


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Podcast Episode THREE is now Live

The third episode of the I Must be Ignorant Podcast is now live. Be sure to leave a review, and subscribe. A lot is happening in the world of Astronomy this month. And according to leading sources, all it takes to make scientific results a reality is mere assumption, computer modeling, and lack of actual observation.

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Update for those that follow this blog


For those of you that follow me as subscribers to this blog, I wanted to give a little update. Last weekend the site got completely revamped with a new look and layout. On top of this, the second episode of my new venture as a podcast host went live at the same time. In the midst of all of that, I also decided to get back on Twitter and Instagram for the first time in what seems like forever. With all of that said… I just wanted to let those of you that follow this blog know that the blog posts are probably going to slow down substantially, getting replaced by the podcast over time. I will probably still post some, but not nearly as often as I used to. In the meantime, while you are waiting on that next blog post to pop up, why don’t you go on over to Twitter and Instagram and give me a follow… as well as subscribe to the podcast. Right now, the podcast is on iTunes, soundcloud, and youtube. I am in the process of getting into other places like Stitcher and Spotify.

In short, the site has been overhauled. The blogs are going to slow down because I started a podcast. I am now on Instagram and Twitter.

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Random, and yet a long time coming


Well, in a way this is somewhat random. And yet, it has been a long time coming I suppose. In recent years (mostly the last year and a half), I have been getting a lot of my news from alternative sources like, youtube, podcasts, and other none-mainstream news outlets. As a result, I have been listening to a few podcasts at work. And I have decided that perhaps this is something I could get into doing.

I am officially going to be starting a podcast.


The thing that finally tipped me over the edge and prompted me to take the leap has been a few things. One, a large percentage of what I post on this site is perspective based outlooks on current events in either the space and science arena or the geopolitical world. I tend to lean toward having a view based on my stance as a Christian. With that, the other thing that prompted this decision is the fact that a few major things happened in the science world this last week that I was surprised to find no one else touching on in the alternative outlets.

Two examples of what I am talking about would be the earth footage licensure of 1992, and the AADHAR refutation update.

With that, the podcast will mostly be a reflective podcast that highlights current events in the world from the perspective of an Enclosed Cosmology, Young Earth Creationist, Protestant Christian that prefers the KJV bible. Obviously, the podcast will be called “I Must be Ignorant”, or something to that effect.

After all, it is a fitting title, considering the host… right?

I am not sure when this thing will take off or how often I will post to it, but currently the goal would be for it to become a biweekly podcast on current events. I had a friend from church line me out with the right editing software along with mic and accessories. At this point I am just waiting on the mic and stuff to come in the mail. In the meantime I plan to hash out an intro among other things.


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Illegal to post footage of earth from space?

According to SpaceX, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently told the company to apply for a license for its cameras equipped to the rocket. A federal law passed in 1992 requires commercial spacecraft taking images or video of Earth to have this license, but it’s an unusual demand considering SpaceX and other private space companies have already streamed footage of Earth from orbit a number of times before. Plus, the NOAA is typically preoccupied with studying the climate rather than monitoring commercial satellites. So what gives? One theory is that SpaceX’s high-profile launch of “Starman” in CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla this February could have caught the NOAA’s eye.

You know… I can’t help but wonder. Could it be in the slightest, a possibility that stricter regulation of such footage may be a result of discrepancies between everyone out there posting footage?


You know, like the footage shown above that suggests one entire half of the earth contains zero land. Or…


What about this above footage that shows one entire half of the earth containing zero water? It could just be ignorant ol’ me, but I tend to side with the possibility that these discrepancies are beginning to become a little bit of a problem for the one percent.

Got’a lay down them regulations… you know.

2 Peter 3:5 – For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water.

Who are we kidding, right? I’m ignorant.

According to actual “live commercial footage“,  the following is a closer representation of what our planet actually looks like.


The one percent better start regulating who can share footage if they intend to keep the long standing status quo alive.