Random, and yet a long time coming


Well, in a way this is somewhat random. And yet, it has been a long time coming I suppose. In recent years (mostly the last year and a half), I have been getting a lot of my news from alternative sources like, youtube, podcasts, and other none-mainstream news outlets. As a result, I have been listening to a few podcasts at work. And I have decided that perhaps this is something I could get into doing.

I am officially going to be starting a podcast.


The thing that finally tipped me over the edge and prompted me to take the leap has been a few things. One, a large percentage of what I post on this site is perspective based outlooks on current events in either the space and science arena or the geopolitical world. I tend to lean toward having a view based on my stance as a Christian. With that, the other thing that prompted this decision is the fact that a few major things happened in the science world this last week that I was surprised to find no one else touching on in the alternative outlets.

Two examples of what I am talking about would be the earth footage licensure of 1992, and the AADHAR refutation update.

With that, the podcast will mostly be a reflective podcast that highlights current events in the world from the perspective of an Enclosed Cosmology, Young Earth Creationist, Protestant Christian that prefers the KJV bible. Obviously, the podcast will be called “I Must be Ignorant”, or something to that effect.

After all, it is a fitting title, considering the host… right?

I am not sure when this thing will take off or how often I will post to it, but currently the goal would be for it to become a biweekly podcast on current events. I had a friend from church line me out with the right editing software along with mic and accessories. At this point I am just waiting on the mic and stuff to come in the mail. In the meantime I plan to hash out an intro among other things.


Things happening at the shop in 2018

Today the store reached and exceeded 4,500 sales. That’s not bad considering the etsy store is more of a side hobby than something that I actually put a lot of time into. With that, I have made some big decisions regarding the store that are going to affect what happens with it through the rest of 2018. With that, I thought I would post a little update about it.


For the rest of the 2018 year (another 8 months), I plan to refrain from restocking my sold out items. And in turn, flush out a lot of my inventory. The reason for this is simple. I have decided to become a lot more selective about what type of items I put on the store. I am considering getting away from traditional pin buttons and venturing into enamel pins. I am also considering doing an entire line of bible story themed patches (making those items the primary theme of the store). But before I take the store into an entirely new direction in 2019, I need to flush out a lot of the existing inventory without just outright giving it away like I did last year with my horror movie patches.

Went to the Zoo

Well, now that I have a legit camera I guess that makes me a professional photographer. Here are my wildlife shots from the day at the zoo. Clearly, I should be getting a call from National Geographic any day now… what with these mad wild life photography skills I’ve got.

But seriously though, the wife suggested I bring the camera along. I took a lot of photos. These are merely the ones that I felt were worth sharing. Unlike my previous photos posted on the site, these photos did get a minor edit in photoshop. I didn’t do much. Just tweaked the exposure and things like that. I think they turned out pretty good considering I’m no true photographer.





Reaching milestones at the shop

Well, the store officially reached 1,000 reviews. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me. The store has come a long way since it first got started.

When the moon eludes you for a week

I haven’t messed with the new camera nearly as much as I would like, but I have messed with it a little bit. Since purchasing the camera I have been waiting for the moon to come out of hiding. And finally, last night it did. And so, here I am posting a few photos from the last week of goofing off with the camera.




Shots from the Day – New Guy with a Camera

Although I in no way claim to have a clue what I am going with photography, I was happy with the following shots from today’s very short outing with the new camera. I might go back out to a particular spot at sunset, today. Please note that no editing has been done to the photos aside from cropping them together in a single image.



The addiction of social media

Well, I almost gave in. And technically, I did for about 10 minutes. As my most recent post shows, I just got a new camera. With that, I thought it would be cool to get on Instagram by using it as an outlet for my new photography hobby (that hasn’t actually gotten off the ground yet).

I just couldn’t do it.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I realize the irony here. I am suggesting that I wasn’t able to give into using social media while posting on my blog-site (which in and of itself is a form of social media). Rather than creating a social media account with an existing site that can very easily lead to countless hours of mindless thumb motions, I decided to just stick with a single creative outlet (this website). Rather than having an Instagram account to showcase my new photography hobby, I deleted the newly created account and have instead decided to stick with a photography post page here on the I Must Be Ignorant site.

No telling how often I post on that page, because the hobby is still new and there is no telling how often I will be out with my camera. Regardless, I have opted out of instagram.

Almost, but just couldn’t.

Oh well…