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Episode 5 of the podcast is now live

So, I just wanted to go ahead and throw out there that this podcast has actually been on a roll. Considering I only just recently decided to start doing it, I feel like I am already starting to find a grove with it. This is already the 5th episode. I feel like the audio has cone a long way since the first episode. And, although I am still very new to the entire thing as a project, I feel like I have gotten into a pretty solid groove. I could be wrong though…

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Reduced Price on several Etsy listings

I have decided to clear out some of my inventory. With that, a few of my items are currently on sale at a reduced price of only $1.99 each. That is a pretty good deal considering the cost of similar items from most retailers on Etsy. Get these items at this price while they last.


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Podcast Episode THREE is now Live

The third episode of the I Must be Ignorant Podcast is now live. Be sure to leave a review, and subscribe. A lot is happening in the world of Astronomy this month. And according to leading sources, all it takes to make scientific results a reality is mere assumption, computer modeling, and lack of actual observation.

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Cliff Swallow Photography Professional

We have two Cliff Swallow nests at our house. One is on the front porch. And the other one is on the back porch. Every year, these guys set up shop to snuggle up and hatch some eggs. With that, today I climbed a latter and took some close up shots of the recently hatched birds. It’s cool to watch these guys grow up and slowly gain the gumption to climb out of the nest and spread their wings for takeoff. Last year, I managed to actually watch one attempt its first flight.

Pretty cool if you ask me.






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Update for those that follow this blog


For those of you that follow me as subscribers to this blog, I wanted to give a little update. Last weekend the site got completely revamped with a new look and layout. On top of this, the second episode of my new venture as a podcast host went live at the same time. In the midst of all of that, I also decided to get back on Twitter and Instagram for the first time in what seems like forever. With all of that said… I just wanted to let those of you that follow this blog know that the blog posts are probably going to slow down substantially, getting replaced by the podcast over time. I will probably still post some, but not nearly as often as I used to. In the meantime, while you are waiting on that next blog post to pop up, why don’t you go on over to Twitter and Instagram and give me a follow… as well as subscribe to the podcast. Right now, the podcast is on iTunes, soundcloud, and youtube. I am in the process of getting into other places like Stitcher and Spotify.

In short, the site has been overhauled. The blogs are going to slow down because I started a podcast. I am now on Instagram and Twitter.