Today the store reached and exceeded 4,500 sales. That’s not bad considering the etsy store is more of a side hobby than something that I actually put a lot of time into. With that, I have made some big decisions regarding the store that are going to affect what happens with it through the rest of 2018. With that, I thought I would post a little update about it.


For the rest of the 2018 year (another 8 months), I plan to refrain from restocking my sold out items. And in turn, flush out a lot of my inventory. The reason for this is simple. I have decided to become a lot more selective about what type of items I put on the store. I am considering getting away from traditional pin buttons and venturing into enamel pins. I am also considering doing an entire line of bible story themed patches (making those items the primary theme of the store). But before I take the store into an entirely new direction in 2019, I need to flush out a lot of the existing inventory without just outright giving it away like I did last year with my horror movie patches.

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