Well, I almost gave in. And technically, I did for about 10 minutes. As my most recent post shows, I just got a new camera. With that, I thought it would be cool to get on Instagram by using it as an outlet for my new photography hobby (that hasn’t actually gotten off the ground yet).

I just couldn’t do it.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I realize the irony here. I am suggesting that I wasn’t able to give into using social media while posting on my blog-site (which in and of itself is a form of social media). Rather than creating a social media account with an existing site that can very easily lead to countless hours of mindless thumb motions, I decided to just stick with a single creative outlet (this website). Rather than having an Instagram account to showcase my new photography hobby, I deleted the newly created account and have instead decided to stick with a photography post page here on the I Must Be Ignorant site.

No telling how often I post on that page, because the hobby is still new and there is no telling how often I will be out with my camera. Regardless, I have opted out of instagram.

Almost, but just couldn’t.

Oh well…

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