I have an honest question.

As we all know and can observe, both meteors and comets take place in the sky all the time. They tend to leave lasting impressions similar to the following photos.






So, here is the question…

Wouldn’t it stand to reason, that “if” we are in fact traveling through space in 5 alternate directions simultaneously (axial rotation, orbit around the sun, sun around the galaxy, galaxy through space, and axial tilt), wouldn’t we observe these types of events from more than just one direction of observation?

To clarify what I am asking, let me reword it a little better. Meteors and comets should be traveling in the vacuum of space in all sorts of directions. With that said, why is it that we never observe these objects coming up from the horizon line rather than down toward it?

Here is a visualization of what I am asking. From the line of sight to the horizon for the observer, these objects only ever appear to be traveling down. Wouldn’t they just as frequently be observed going up as well?


Why is this never observed?

Seems like a common sense observation, and yet none of the photos taken ever show these objects going in any other direction than down or in an easterly-westerly direction. Never from bottom to top.


Seems legit.

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