Now, obviously I am several days behind on posting this seeing as to how this particular SpaceX launch was three days ago. I have just been a bit busy I guess. That doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it live though. And yes, I have a few comments to make regarding this footage. Keep in mind this is the condensed version. The Live version was much longer and a little more detailed.

#1.) The rocket starts returning to the earth at a whopping 20 miles high and the camera cuts just before it becomes too obvious.


#2.) Assuming they did manage to make it into space despite logical observation number one, the earth is convex at more than 100 miles of altitude.


#3.) The dreaded camera cut. You got to love it. Honestly, SpaceX wouldn’t even be the same without it.


What a joke. This is what you would call slight of hand in my book. I think Nixon put it best when he said the following.

“The American people don’t believe anything unless they see it on television.”Richard M. Nixon, U.S. President  

Space is fake. Get over it.

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