I’m sorry, but SpaceX is a joke.

Yesterday evening and into the night they launched yet again another SAT into geostationary orbit. Good for them. I have watched every single launch. And when I have had the opportunity I have watched them live. And sadly, I am surprised to see that more people are not realizing that it is all a bunch of nonsense. This company is using sleight of hand to trick people into thinking they are doing something they are not. Every single launch they have done shows the exact same type of footage to the letter. When the reusable capsule rocket ascends for landing the camera goes out (either in total or just long enough to disrupt the landing sequence). When the SAT is released and opens up it is only shown for a split second with an excited crowd cheering in the audio background noise. The shot is just long enough that you don’t see anything at all.

It is all a joke.

And if you think I am just full of it, look at the following launch images from SpaceX and ask yourself, do you honestly see these images and think to yourself that these rockets left the atmosphere?


I think not. They launch up, reach roughly 20 miles high and then careen downward (not up and away, but rather; around and down). If you look at those shots and can honestly tell yourself that these rockets reached beyond the exosphere then you are in denial. That arch is literally taking place in the stratosphere, people.

And all I can say to that is this;

2 Peter 3:2-7That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

But, don’t take my word for it. Just ask good ol’ Bill what he thinks.


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  1. Recently I spent about 20 hours of my life analyzing the differences between the original livestream footage and the silently edited version of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch on Feb. 6, 2018. I attempted to spread this information on YouTube but just a couple of hours after doing so I was unexpectedly signed out of my YouTube account and all of my comments were deleted. I commented on the official SpaceX video, and many others and all of the time and energy spent on posting these comments was undone in seconds. I’m asking you to review my work and potentially make a new video/post concerning my discoveries. For some reason, YouTube has censored me. YouTube has a 10,000 character limit for comments and that’s why the information below has been split into sections. Please and thank you in advance for all the work that you do concerning the truth.

    1-SpaceX made a number of rather stupid mistakes during the livestream of the Falcon Heavy Launch on February 6th, 2018. It’s also important to state publicly that SpaceX silently re-uploaded an edited version of the launch that attempted to correct a few of their critical mistakes. It may be somewhat difficult to find a copy of the original livestream but there are copies on YT. Try this link https://youtu.be/99llRhH71vA To determine whether you are watching the edited version or the live version of the launch read below to see what changes were made between the two videos. The audio in both videos is the exact same. First important thing to note about the launch are the four hosts and their responsibilities within the company aside from hosting launches. All four of the hosts appear to be on the second story overlooking mission control encased in glass at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. There is also a possibility that all four hosts were in Florida during the launch but were using a green screen to appear to be near mission control in California. This could explain why the cheering and applause seems at times, out of place. The cheering and applause are from the room outside Mission Control full of Space X employees who are listening to the hosts speak. If you watch the eyes of the hosts it appears that all four of these “engineers” needed a teleprompter to assist in keeping to the script. Lauren Lyons, Flight Reliability Engineer is the first person to speak. Michael Hammersley, Materials Engineer makes note of the cheering and applause when he says, “we’re very excited I’m sure you can hear it”. Next there’s John Insprucker, Principal Integration Engineer sitting down at a desk (you will hear another host say, “He stands” near the end of the launch). The last but not least of the four hosts is Brian Mahlstedt, Automation Software Engineer. As soon as Brian begins to introduce himself it becomes immediately apparent he is standing in front of a green screen and not at all in close proximity to the room full of Space X employees based on their delayed reaction to him beginning his lines. It is clear that when he brings up his fellow SpaceX employees, immediately they begin to raise their arms and cheer indicating they are hearing what he is saying over a speaker or being given a que when to cheer rather than hearing and seeing what he is saying as if he is right next to them. Also, his skin complexion appears much lighter here than at the end of the video when the hosts regroup. Pause the video @ T- 00:09:26 and take a good, hard look at the Tesla Roadster. It’s mounted on a cone shaped structure (payload attach fitting) with what looks to be hollow steel tubes supporting a portion of the car and also serving as mounting points for the cameras that will capture the car in space. The entire structure was designed to rotate the car for a more realistic view in “space” rather than just seeing the Earth behind the car as it zooms away. On a side note, it’s important to understand how all satellite deployments, spacewalks (EVAs), “FAIRING DEPLOYMENTS” and generally any activity that supposedly takes place outside of a spacecraft but in the low gravity of near Earth “space” are faked on Earth. The devil is of course in the details. Most of these types of scenes are filmed underwater in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. This is why there appears to be bubbles in “space” floating away at a much, much slower velocity than 25,000 mph; Earth’s escape velocity. There is no air in space; there should be no air bubbles. Some people will say that what you’re seeing is something other than air bubbles but still fail to answer why the velocity of the “floating” object is obviously much too slow to be flung off a spacecraft traveling at Mach 32. One last thing to note about the Roadster, look at how shiny and reflective the paint and especially the windshield of the car appears to be; this will come into play later into the launch. Then at T- 00:08:07 you will notice if you look below the plaque with the names engraved, you will see the black plastic removed from the “payload attach fitting” which again is basically just a big lazy Susan so the car can rotate 360 degrees. Now for the actual launch, these are real and not faked up until the rocket begins to fly horizontally rather than vertically and the camera feed is cut and switched to a different view usually on the spacecraft itself. I myself have personally witnessed the final Space Shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center. This is why people who try to refute what I’m saying about faking “space” will always encourage skeptical people to witness a launch in person. Witnessing a launch in person, unaided by a telescope with a DSLR attached will render your ability to see what happens to the rocket after it ascends impossible. The “autonomous drone ship” aka floating barge was said to be 200-300 miles off the coast of Florida to put the range of these rockets into perspective. You simply cannot see something that far away with the naked eye. I still encourage people to witness a rocket launch first hand because they are very cool, awesome really even though they are very short-lived. Shortly after the rocket enters Max-Q at T+ 00:01:15 the vehicle is traveling at 1492 km/h or 927 mph or Mach 1.2 at an altitude of 13.4 km or 44,000 feet. In the original footage that was live-streamed on YT both boosters have the exact same camera feed with one frame separating the two. On the edited version of the launch you will see what is intended to look like a completely different camera feed in the bottom right frame with an addition of a time stamp to “ensure” the footage was taken from the same day and time as the original launch and thus not faked. However, upon closer inspection you will see that the foreground of the new feed stays the exact same as the old feed aside from adding fake shadows and blurring and changing the background. By the way, these “professional” SpaceX video editors didn’t even take the time to overlay the newly edited feed properly. You can see the newly edited feed is slightly offset to the right of the original. Now pause the video at T+ 00:01:45, the spacecraft is traveling at 2984 km/h or 1854 mph or Mach 2.5 at 27.1 km or 88,911 feet or 17 miles up. Look at the two booster feeds. The one on the left shows the East coast of Florida meanwhile the one on the right shows the curvature of the Earth, clouds, and the blackness of space. As if that wasn’t enough of a strong inconsistency between the two camera feeds there is actually another issue here. If you look closely, the camera that is recording the boosters and their separation is mounted off center on one of the side boosters. How do I know it’s mounted off center? Because more of the background is visible in the left side rather than the right side. This is an important observation. If the new feed (bottom right) edited in post filming were truly showing the opposing side booster’s view then we should see a reflection or an inverse of what we are seeing in the first feed. We should see the titanium (dark) and white grid fins on the opposite (right) side, we should also see more of Earth on the opposite (right) side. Now before you press play on the video take a look at the T+ Time. Beginning at T+ 00:01:46 the progress skips to T+ 00:01:52 in the edited version of the launch. The reason for this is because in the livestream version of the launch the camera feed was switched in the bottom left frame to something we civilians were not supposed to see at T+ 00:01:52. It appears to be a section of the Merlin Vacuum Engine or MVAC. Also, the time count skips ahead for the second time from T+ 00:01:56 to T+ 00:02:03 in the edited version.

    2-At this point, the side boosters are about to shutdown. The vehicle is traveling at 4397 km/h or 2732 mph or Mach 3.6 and is 39 km or 127,953 ft or 24 miles up. Look at how much the gases exiting the rocket boosters have expanded in the upper feed because the density of the air decreases with an increase in altitude. This is a very important concept to grasp to understand why rockets cannot produce thrust in a vacuum. Just to clarify that statement further, I’m not suggesting that a rocket engine cannot be ignited and burned in a vacuum. But I am suggesting that Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion has been intentionally misapplied in scientific literature and textbooks concerning how a rocket engine actually generates thrust. I do not want to diverge into that right now more about it later. At T+ 00:02:28 a new camera on the second stage takes the place in the upper center frame. Here you can see the offset camera on the side booster nose cone as mentioned earlier next to the diagonal supports holding the side booster to the core. If you pause the video at T+ 00:02:33 and then proceed frame by frame you will see both of the lower feeds separating exactly 1 frame apart in sequence (the exact same footage) meanwhile according to the upper feed no separation has happened yet. It’s a small delay and I recommend watching the separation in 1/4 speed or frame by frame to see what I’m saying. The point is the separation should appear to happen at the exact same time especially for the upper feed and lower left feed. Also the fire coming out of the boosters during separation is not authentic; it’s computer graphics. Both the host John Insprucker and an unknown man at mission control state, before booster separation has started, that the side boosters have shutdown; therefore during the separation we should not see fire coming out of the rocket. Even in the official SpaceX animation that’s 03:26 long you see the side boosters shutting down during separation and then reigniting once they rotate 180 degrees. At T+ 00:02:42, SpaceX video editors once again poorly overlaid a new feed over the old feed. They blacked out the foreground, reversed the ejection of the reaction control thruster, and reflected the position of Earth but installed new cloud formations so the background wasn’t an identical reflection. Oh and I almost forgot about the black spot they added to the lower right feed to further differentiate it from the lower left feed. They did not invert the foreground at all it remains exactly the same shape as the original feed albeit much darker now. At T+ 00:03:12 the Main Engine (Core Booster) is Cutoff, now someone please explain to me when the Core separates from the second stage exposing the Merlin Vacuum Engine (MVAC) why does the entire frame fill with a bright white light obscuring the view? I assume it’s because they want to hide the majority of the bubbles caused by the separation underwater. Even still you can clearly see air bubbles and other small debris floating away from the camera. Why does the cover over one side of the MVAC Engine look deflated (as in wrinkled) [T+ 00:03:14] while the opposite side of the engine looks inflated [T+ 00:03:17]? Finally, we’ve almost made it to the biggest mistake made in the livestream. Spoiler alert they completely botched the timing of the fairing deploy exposing the Tesla Roadster and Starman! But before that, take a look at the difference between the livestream and the edited version of the launch at T+ 00:03:43. You will see a huge difference between the two in the curvature of Earth, in the orange color of the nozzle of the MVAC, and once again in the reflective cover either being inflated or deflated. But this is not the most interesting part of all this. The most interesting part to me happens between T+ 00:03:45 – 00:04:03 of the livestream only. Look at the graphic illustrating the trajectories by SpaceX that we were not supposed to see. We were supposed to see the fairing deploy during this time in sync with the wonderful music, “look at those cavemen go!” In the graphic, there are two blue lines close together which are “boosting back” to Cape Canaveral even though the “boostback burn” had already been initiated long before. Then there’s another blue line terminating closest to the autonomous drone ship cough cough floating barge cough. And finally there’s another blue line terminating way out in the Atlantic Ocean with the tag “Stage 2”. What’s odd is that there are no blue lines extending out into “space”. Actually it’s not odd and it makes perfect sense to me. Rocket engines do not push on themselves to generate thrust; in fact like all forms of movement/locomotion and it doesn’t matter if we’re talking natural biological locomotion or man made forms of transportation; all forms of locomotion require some form of matter with an appropriate density to push against to move. When you walk, your feet push against the ground in the opposite direction that you intend to travel. When you swim, your arms and feet push against the water in the opposite direction that you intend to travel, when you pedal a bicycle or drive a car/truck, or ride in a train or even a tank the wheels or tracks of that object push against the ground in the opposite direction you intend to travel, when you fly in an airplane the propellor or the jet engine propels air in the opposite direction you intend to travel pushing against the existing air and the exact same principle governs rockets as well. Please do not let fancy scientific jargon and/or complex mathematical formulas sway you from understanding a very basic, fundamental law established by Isaac Newton. We have been lied to about various topics for a very long time and it’s now time to educate ourselves using logic and our own experiences rather than relying on officials to provide us with all of the answers. Now back to the Falcon Heavy Launch. Take a good look at T+ 00:04:04 – 00:04:11 and you will see a very odd reflection in the windshield of the Tesla. At first you might think it’s simply Starman but upon closer inspection you will see it’s a human wearing a large rectangular object (most likely to make him neutrally buoyant or close to it) slowly floating towards the top of the windshield. How can I prove it’s not a reflection of Starman? Because the black straps do not continue downward towards the abdomen of the human like they do on Starman is one reason. The human’s face is not black like Starman’s helmet visor is another reason. And the third is simply because the camera is fixed and so is Starman so his reflection shouldn’t be moving at all. What does this prove? That they shoot a lot of this “space” stuff underwater as already mentioned earlier. It’s as close as they can get to simulate what zero gravity would look like if we could actually get into space with our current technology minus the bubbles, drag, and odd light refraction of course. They could use computer graphics which honestly do look more realistic if they pump enough money into the production such as in the movie “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock but that might help to discredit or incriminate NASA and all of their preceding “space” accomplishments. Continuity is more important to them I guess.

    3-If you actually hung around and read all of this now is the time you get to laugh just like the hosts of the Falcon Heavy Launch. Take a look at T+ 00:04:25 and T+ 00:04:30 of both the livestream and the edited version; you will notice that in the live version SpaceX employees missed their cue bad by 5 seconds to cheer and applause about the success of the launch. As soon as they realize they should be cheering, you can hear the host with glasses, John Insprucker literally laugh out loud at the mistake. I found it hilarious as well. But that’s not even the funniest part. The funniest part comes right after this when the host Lauren Lyons gives a recap of what just happened. “Wow! Wow, did you guys see that? That (long pause) was awesome! That’s the only thing I (laughter)” | “Absolutely wild, I got nothing else” said by Michael Hammersley. | “Awe man, uggh recapping ALL the GREAT things you just saw there (laughter).” The hosts just cannot contain themselves; they know that several mistakes were made and we haven’t even gotten to the almost simultaneous landing of the two side boosters yet. Which was also faked by the way. They do part of the fakery underwater (the high altitude shots), then as the boosters get closer to landing they actually send several employees out into the field to capture several different vantage points of basically just blue sky in the general direction the boosters are supposed to be coming from. Either the camera man or someone around him/her will usually state for the camera something along the lines of, “Hey I see them, there they are, look at that.” They then take this footage of nothing but sky and later add in with computer graphics two identical looking boosters descending to the ground. These multiple vantage points from what seems like simply ordinary civilians or spectators, helps to sell the whole concept as true. At T+ 00:07:20 the host Michael Hammersley lies on the record by stating, “Even though those two boosters look very similar, those are actually representing different boosters.” Pause the video at T+ 00:07:59, and you will see just how convincing the illusion created in the edited version of the launch is at convincing us the booster landed on a different pad (the landing zone with a white X and a black fill). How did they achieve this trickery? They edited out the real alternate landing zone with the white x and black fill and all of the concrete and the paths and the building and the vehicles you can see surrounding the landing zone with the black x and the white fill. They added a little blur as well. But they used the original feed to do it. How lazy and unconvincing if you bother to slow it down and look closely. The official landing footage (once the boosters get close enough to the ground beginning in the upper left feed at T+ 00:07:56 – 00:08:30) however work a bit different; it actually involves a helicopter and a cable. If you look closely towards the extreme left of the feed towards the top at T+ 00:08:02 you can actually see the helicopter blades spinning even though they have masked the body of the helicopter so it’s hidden from view. I actually found another YouTube video showing the helicopter in plain sight, check it out here: https://youtu.be/8X4wYvfqlhI One thing you should take note of is that in the majority of these alternate vantage points shot by people working (either directly or indirectly; it really doesn’t matter) for SpaceX, the original audio is not apart of the final uploaded version of the landing and the helicopter is edited out so you can’t hear it or see it. Most of these people were smart enough to record audio elsewhere at a different time or location so the helicopter cannot be heard. The last thing I found funny and want to point out about the Falcon Heavy launch is at the very end when the host Brian Mahlstedt says, “If you would like to join us on exciting projects like these, please visit SpaceX.com/careers,” I wonder if some people will be fired for their mistakes? Another important tidbit of fact all people should know about is that it’s 100% factually true that there are people whose sole job it is to disrupt, discredit, disprove (with more lies) those who are waking up to all the BS we have been fed by our Government, our Leaders, the Mainstream Media, Corporations, Colleges etc. You WILL come across people who are paid to respond to comments you make or videos you post that refute any official government narrative on all social media platforms. As a matter of fact, SpaceX employees/affiliates actually communicate as if they are on a conference call in public forums such as the comment section of a YouTube video that was uploaded by one of them. They use very generic names and never their own personal account but if you really take the time to read the comments especially when someone calls them out for being fake they will all respond in tandem to make you seem insignificant, incoherent, and rude. Sometimes they will be nasty and sometimes they will try to use technical jargon; the list of ways they try to discredit what you’re saying is infinite. Do not pay attention to these people. Do not try to argue with these people. Especially now that the FBI wants to be able to deem you mentally ill if you are a “conspiracy theorist.” Please do not waste any time trying to convince these people who earn a living this way. We all know greed and money pretty much rule this world. These people who actually succumb to lying for a paycheck are pathetic and not worth a second of your time. This leads me to my final point I want to make about the so called Flat Earth movement. Just because we humans don’t have the technology to escape Earth’s atmosphere does NOT take away from the fact the our planet is freaking MASSIVE. It’s the size of the planet combined with the limits of human perception that makes some people think the planet is flat when it’s not flat at all. It’s a sphere. For anyone who believes the Earth is flat, if you truly have an open mind about our reality and you can see that I’ve broken down the truth about SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch in great detail please take a look at this video about the size of our planet and the limitations of how much we can see at any given time. Please: https://youtu.be/mxhxL1LzKww The Flat Earth movement is designed to discredit all other “conspiracy theories” most of which are actually true. If you care about the truth, learn why the Earth can appear flat when it’s really not.

    4-Oh yeah and I forgot to mention why I think one helicopter can support both boosters landing at the same time. Look at the landing zones. Near the perimeter you will see 3 maybe four objects. Imagine if you will the rockets are connected to almost invisible cables threaded through each of the objects you see on the landing zone and then connected to the helicopter. This scenario would mean the helicopter isn’t lifting up the rockets but rather keeping them attached to the ground and the cables would need to be evenly spaced to keep the rockets stable. The rockets actually do have real engines and they produce enough thrust to lift themselves off the ground. The actual landing shot (utilizing this theory) is limited to just a few meters off the ground but none the less it would appear very real. The rockets would be ignited and produce thrust but the helicopter would control how high they are allowed to get off the ground and then for the landing the helicopter would simply slowly ascend until the cables brought the rockets down to Earth (this is not easy, rockets are hard to control). If you look extra close at the booster nearest to the official SpaceX camera after the two boosters landed on February 6, 2018 – look just below the nozzle but above the ground and you will see what looks like small explosive charges going off soon after the boosters land. This action would release the cables from the rockets and allow the helicopter to fly away.

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