Most people that know me well know that I am a very picky person. The way that this shows in my everyday life is the fact that I don’t actually own much. I wear the same thing every day and could put almost everything I own into my small backpack.

With that, about a year ago I lost my wood handled pocket knife as a result of taking it with me on an airplane. Before I got on the plane it was confiscated. I had ridden on an airplane half a dozen times and had never had them realize I had it on me. As a result I didn’t think twice about it when I brought this one with me that last time. Well, it got taken away. And since then I have been casually on the hunt for a new wood handle knife. I found one that I really liked, but I just couldn’t push myself into spending close to $200 on a pocket knife. With that, I kept on looking and eventually stumbled upon this custom one of a kind pocket knife that doesn’t even have a branding stamp or logo on it.

That was a plus for me considering the fact that I dislike being a walking advertisement for anything other than Christ. So, when I found this brandless wood knife for the low, I just couldn’t pass it up.

It’s pretty sleek if you ask me.

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