So, today is the final epic day for Cassini as it crashes into Saturn. But, before I get into my little rant let us watch this less than 3 minute video that covers what all is going down.

Okay, with that out of the way… I can’t help but laugh. And for good reason. None of the footage that was in the above video was real. It was all fake… ever last bit of it. It was just a bunch of CGI garbage. So, rather than point out the fact that this Mission is called the solstice mission (which has nothing to do with Saturn, but the sun instead), I want to focus on how none of this mission is based in real footage. Rather than point out the fact that NASA claims to have every single moment of Cassini planned out to the exact minute despite the fact that we are told that it takes more than an hour and a half for signals to travel that distance both two and from earth… I want to focus on the fact that none of this stuff is real footage.

It is instead nothing more than cartoons.

Honestly… rather than getting into the actual mathematics of heat resistances and thermal variances… lets set all of that nonsense aside and just look at the fact that the world is totally in shock and awe at these stunning graphics. They are so realistic looking that I just can’t contain it. Emotions run high when you consider this majestic CGI achievement.

Even the supposed photos sent from Cassini as seen in this following emotional moment are total CGI garbage. And yet, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. People are already so invested in the Evolution theory of cosmology that they refuse to admit that these images are totally bogus.

I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.

This next video is so long that I don’t expect you to watch it. I will just do a photo based recap for you instead. This footage comes from what NASA calls a Real-Time Live Simulation (really? Please explain a real time live cartoon to me…lol).



Now… if this is what science has come to (cartoon CGI nonsense presented as actual fact), then we are in big trouble. Because, honestly at this point… I might as well draw an animated GIF of Trump as a fire breathing T-Rex and call it a simulation.


We are dealing with facts here people… Trump is a fire breathing T-Rex. I have simulations to prove it. And as silly as this analogy seems it is absolutely where science has led us.

The world has finally reached a place where we are willing to believe a cartoon over our God given senses.

Everything presented to us by NASA from beyond the stratosphere is an artist illustration… and that’s a fact.

1 Corinthians 2:5your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

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