I find it pretty funny that only 3 weeks after the biblically foretold great wonder in heaven, NASA will be testing out its first CNEOS run ever on a passing asteroid. Seems pretty coincidental to me. I can’t wait to hear all about what they find.

One thing that I have noticed about the progression of science as of late is that it has been speedily ramping into facts based on theory at an alarming rate. Things like dark matter, string theory, and others have rapidly become fact over night with no real evidence to show. One prime example of this type of evidence is the fact that NASA intentionally sent its Cassini space craft into the planet rather than one of the moons, because they didn’t want to potentially kill any living creatures there.

Give me a freaking break. It’s all nothing more than a bunch of cartoons. And proof of that is this right here.


Look at that beautiful CGI nonsense. The thing that I find comical is the fact that it isn’t going to change. After October comes and goes and NASA releases the data from the CNEOS testing… it’s going to be the same cartoon nonsense. And everyone is going to eat it up as proof of extra terrestrial life.

It’s a cartoon people!

If you actually step back and look at the overall flow of recent NASA content, they sure have been pushing the distant life agenda a lot in the last two months. I personally don’t think that is a coincidence at all.

But who are we kidding… my tinfoil hat is clearly affecting my brain.

You people need to wake up. Nothing that NASA shows us is “actual” footage. They will never be able to show us “actual” footage, because space is freaking fake.

It is nothing more than a smokescreen of delusion created to explain away any need for a creator.

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