You may have to put on your tinfoil hat for this one. I am in no way suggesting that this is actually what is going on. But rather, I am merely proposing that it could be a possibility. And honestly, the fact that NASA is in part of this post is actually a total coincidence. Apparently they shoved a bunch of people out of their homes (for a price of course). As a result NASA ended up with 125,000 acres of square land in the middle of nowhere to do what they want with no one around to question what they are doing.


It’s a cloud making machine!

NASA is literally controlling the weather. They are playing God by making their own weather.

With that in mind… do I honestly need to keep writing, or can you follow where I am headed with this post?


If NASA has enough power that they can force people out of their homes so as to modify the weather unsupervised… then who are we to suggest that something like Hurricane Harvey isn’t intentional as well?

Now, considering how old this BBC episode is… there is no telling how much this type of technology has developed. I also find it ironic that the beginning of this video suggests that the reason that NASA is out there is to test rocket engines. And yet… the type of results they get from such a machine would lead the average person to still believe that all they are doing is testing rockets.

With all of that said, is it possible that NASA was the cause of the 2011 flooding while managing to go unpunished?

Obviously, I am ignorant and I need to quit wearing a tinfoil hat. I think it might end up causing me to have a seizure if I wear it for too long.

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