Although we are told that satellites do exist in and beyond the exosphere, I have my doubts that they do. Despite having quite a few reasons for believing this nonsensical concept, two of those reasons are as follows. One, there are no actual photos or footage of any satellites in deep space that aren’t CGI, green screened, or photoshopped. And two, most satellites are largely made of silica and aluminum which has a melting point well below that of the exosphere itself (meaning that these objects could not exit where we are told many of them exist).

With that in mind, these are the types of images one will find when doing a Google search for satellites in orbit. Nothing but a bunch of cartoons.



Now, one thing that you can do is go back and watch all of the old NASA footage of them allegedly deploying various satellites into space. There is actually quite a bit of footage to look through. For example, there is the STS-6, the STS-8, the STS-41-B and C, and one of my favorites… the STS-41-D. I highly encourage anyone (skeptic of fan of NASA) to comb through these older missions. It is honestly quite comical.

But, don’t take my word for it. Go back and watch the footage for yourself.


With that in mind, I find it hard to believe that any of the NASA footage is real. There was a dude’s freaking face that popped up for crying out loud. It doesn’t get any more legit than that.

Having said all of that, I have spent a bit of time trying to figure out how it is possible to create the trilateration of a series of satellites if they are in fact not in or beyond the exosphere like we are told to believe. Because, let’s face it… if they aren’t in space, how can they maintain an orbit?

This is what I have found… which oddly enough, explains away the melting point issues mentioned above.

So, how do we have satellites? Answer found! Freaking balloons… people.

But, just for the heck of it let’s give NASA and all of these other high money companies the benefit of the doubt by checking out the fact that Business Insider claims that a satellite in orbit filmed a rocket launching into deep space just last month. I was excited to find this, because I just knew that it would finally put to rest any doubt I might have had. Surely, satellites really do go into outer space like we have been taught to believe.

Come on… really?

First of, this looks fake. Just look at the clouds. Secondly, when we consider the fact that we are told that the ISS is only about 150 miles high and can somehow capture images of nearly one third of the earth, how am I supposed o believe that this footage is captured from a satellite in deep orbit? It looks like it is shot from no higher than just a few miles above the clouds. Let alone the fact that it pans up in real time. And further more… the article title claims that it captured footage of a rocket launching into space. Where is that footage? All i see is a rocket careening across the sky. We never see the rocket exit the atmosphere for this to count.

How in the world could anyone count this as proof?

It looks fake. It looks low to the ground. And it doesn’t show what the article title claims (space).

With all of that in mind, just be honest with yourself and use your brain for a minute.

Between 1969 and 1972 we supposedly sent man more than 238,000 miles away from the surface of the earth a total of 6 times for a total of almost 478,000 miles for each round trip. And since then have not been any higher than 400 miles.

What in the world happened? I thought that technology was supposed to progress, not digress.

But, who are we kidding… I clearly am ignorant, and balloon powered satellites are the real myth here.

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