Well, life is crazy. I seem to have a lot going on in life right now. With that in mind, it probably isn’t the most realistic time in the world for me to be thinking about this… but, I have been thinking about putting together my own little home studio. At the end of the day, despite all that I have going on, I miss writing and recording music. Recently, I recorded a song for a friend’s project. They are still working on the project, but it got me itching to write again. On top of that, I recently started looking for good FREE Christian music on Bandcamp. Having been searching for new music like I have been… it makes me realize that I could easily put together an EP or full length album and pitch it to indie level record labels that would sign you without requiring you to do any touring.

With that said, I just need to do it.


I need to come up with a budget and just put together a small home studio so that I can spend time at home writing and recording for fun. The possibilities could be endless. I could do acoustic music, chiptunes and 8-bit, or even deathcore with the right plug ins.

I have been looking at prices for stuff and although I don’t know a lot about it, I think I could get away with doing a realistic home studio for about $3,000 considering the fact that I would be starting from scratch.

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