Seeing as to how I do not personally believe in the Copernican Principle of Heliocentric Evolutionary Cosmology, I can’t help but get a little giddy when I see the Trump administration ramping up nearly five decades old agenda. Not only that, but Buzz the AstroNOT also attended this little meeting. Buzz just looks totally fried out of his mind all the time these days. But hey, I’m not here to judge. It could very well be that he just is one of those that doesn’t visually age well.

One thing that Trump said really resonated with me. I find it strange that we live in an era when it is supposed to be illegal for a company or organization to hold a monopoly on the market. And yet, here we have Trump saying that the private sector of space exploration needs to grow even bigger than it already is. And that this growth should be through sister companies that are owned in part by NASA already.

Hmm… Seems logical to me.

Space exploration is not only essential to our character as a nation but our economy and our great nation’s security,” Trump said Friday at a White House signing ceremony, adding, “I think privatization of certain aspects is going to play an important role.

And, when you think about it… it sounds familiar.

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If you ask me, this entire thing is just a revamp of the same old agenda to implant the general populous with the idea that an alien invasion is possible. And when you think about it, that makes sense when you consider the chaos that will unfold in the last days from the Wrath of God and Tribulation. And what better way to explain away supernatural things like angelic beings, vanishing people, and two witnesses that die and rise again than by insisting that it all comes down to aliens rather than Christ and his war against the fallen sons of God.


They have been gearing this message up for a long time now. And as we see the phase that the world stage currently stands on, one can’t help but laugh at how perfectly timed it is for the current President to ramp things back up in the fight for a so called Space Race.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Here is the video from Bloomberg.com.

There is coming a day when the world will be faced with proof of alien life. I am here to tell you that it is a ruse designed to deceive you into discarding God. If you honestly think that any civilized being is going to be able to travel millions of light years, let alone one light year, penetrate the heliosheath, land on earth… and magically be able to handle the various gravitational masses they may physically encounter that could crush or expand them to death… well, you aren’t actually thinking.

We are told that earth is moving in 5 directions at once, most of which are at god like speeds. There is a reason most of this stuff finds itself in the realm of fiction, people. They are ramping up the excuse. And this is it.


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