So, this blog site has been up for a little while now. And honestly, the only thing I ever really post about despite the fact that no one really reads it, is the countless reasons I know for a fact that NASA is 100% fake. With that in mind, I decided to post something different. Since I am not on any social media sites, I figured it would be good to do a post for my family. Show you guys a little bit of what is going on in my world from half way across the country (and in some cases across the state).

Although living in Austin is awesome I have to admit I miss my family. I miss my moms and my dads. I miss my in-laws. I miss my old friends from Florida. And even those from East Texas. Regardless, the love is still flowing strong way over here in the center of it all.


Jake the Dog and Walter White are constantly wrestling in the doorway while I am trying to walk by. Not only that, but today was our first official day back from vacation where we celebrated our 7th anniversary. To kick things off right, when I got home from work we tackled the yard. Grass has been mowed. Weeds have been wacked.

Not only that, but while we were gone Sarah’s parents dropped in and house sat the pets for us. During their say they managed to do a little gardening. We got a new set of cacti potted on the back porch… and a brand new baby tree in the back yard. Seven years from now (assuming we still live in the same house or the end of the world hasn’t happened), it will be refreshing to see how much that tree has grown as we celebrate another long string of anniversaries.

Sarah’s mom also potted a few pepper plants and a tomato plant for me. It is something I have been meaning to do myself, but life just seems to always get in the way. Now that I have them going however, I can enjoy the pleasure of maintaining my own mini garden. I am excited about this, because gardening always reminds me of my grandfather, Gilbert Nunez. Growing up he had an epic garden that covered a pretty solid portion of the back yard. And I have fond memories of picking veggies with him and watering. Back before I started touring as a musician I had a pretty hefty little potted garden in the back of the venue I ran in Florida. But that was a lifetime ago. Feels good to finally have one started back up again.


The garden prep that Sarah’s mom did was my birthday present (birthday was just a few days ago).

Other than that, Sarah is on summer break. I have a part time job while I am working toward passing Board exams for my future career. And, I recently became the drummer at the church we attend. So, that’s cool. May not be on tour… but the music is still going strong.

Life is good.


  1. This is my favorite post of yours yet. I’m glad you had an awesome vacation. Summer breaks are the best as a teacher. Life moves a little slower and you can enjoy time with loved ones. Be “present” with them, if that makes any sense. Keep us in the know about your garden. Like you, gardening reminds me of Grandpa. And I’ve never eaten a better tomato than the ones grown by him. Love you, man!

  2. Pat, I have failed you. I signed back up for Facebook. I sit here now though, with a phone that doesn’t work. I’m on my macbook typing this right now and the phone has been utterly useless since last night (Jul 29). I went to update it and it just went blank. I have to take it to a store tomorrow….I can’t reset it or anything. What has this 24 hour-ish phone sabbatical taught me? Well it taught me what I think you already know! Most people have their phones up their asses all day long. It’s really sad. I like Facebook, but I plan to delete it off my phone and only be able to get to if from a computer. I think it has benefits….networking, catching up with old friends, blah blah. The passive “phone-twitching” where we check our phones just because we are bored is NOT beneficial though. We NEED boredom, and uncomfortable situations instead of pulling out our phone to fill these spaces of time. Anyways…you inspire me to live more intentionally!


  3. Same here! I got orders to California! I’ll be driving through Austin early November on my way out there. I still plan on coming back to Austin after the military. Maybe you could send me some song ideas/licks somehow. I was always better at adding on to stuff than coming up with songs from scratch.

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