Okay, so I decided to go take a look at the top 100 billboard for music again today and decided to look at the top 5 specifically. The first song that I clicked on was the 5th one and I have to say, it’s pretty interesting. The first line of lyrics on the number 5 song right now on the top billboard is; Nobody pray for me.

I do have to admit, that makes for a rather fascinating agenda.


With that said, let’s take a closer look at today’s current top 5 on the music billboard.

Coming it at #5 we have Humble, by Kendrick Lamar. For starters I like the song title. Because, you know, humility is a Godly quality. With that said, what do the lyrics reflect? Do they reflect God? I think not.

The lyrics for this song essential go as follows: no one pray for me, ever. Not even a single day. Let me gloat about my finances. I brought myself out of nothing into something. I can buy the world, my paycheck is so great. But who am I kidding, I’m humble. I’m in control. This is my stage. If I kill someone, it is because I am real. But no, for real… be humble.

Hmmm… seems legit. Seems humble.

Up for #4 is Shape of you, by Ed Sheeran. This song constantly plays at my work and I do have to say, it is definitely something I am okay letting my children hear. If you work retail, shouldn’t the music be family friendly, and not sexual like this?

The lyrics for this song essential go as follows: The club isn’t a great place to find a lover, so the bar is the place for me (I can’t help but wonder what this artist’s definition of love is). I honestly don’t think I need to go any further. You can look these lyrics up yourself. It is just a message of promiscuity. Because, you know… in today’s world, what does commitment really mean?

Coming in at #3 we have I am the One, by DJ Khald. With this song, I don’t personally understand culture anymore. Because, when I look at these lyrics I don’t see artistic talent at all.

The lyrics for this song essentially say: I am the truth. I am the one. Everyone else is an imitator. You are running out of time. I am the one.

Yet again, another song of boastful pride and self gratification. Except with this one, no real creativity was required when compiling the words needed to compose the song. Again, seems legit.

Up for #2 we have That’s what I like, by Bruno Mars. Here, we have yet another boastful song, with an artist bragging about their life style. The only difference with this song is that this song implies that it is okay for a woman to prostitute herself, so long as they are getting what they want in return.

The lyrics for this song are something to the effect of: I have a condo. I eat fine dining all the time. I have a nice car. I can rent a beach house I’m so cool. Look at me and look at what I got. Girl, you want some of this? Go pop it for a pimp. Go pop it for me. You deserve it all, and I can give it to you. You want this life style? Then be my freaka.

So, apparently it is okay to give yourself sexually for the right reasons.

And on to today’s current top #1 on the current top 100 billboard. This song is called Despacito, by Luis Fonsi. And magically, we bring things back to religion. Back to Sun Worship. Back to biblical concepts like heaven. And yet, somehow the sexual connotations remain.  Go figure.

The lyrics in this song are something to the effect of: You are my sunrise. My heaven. I want to nibble on your ear. You have the only key, you know how to turn it. I am getting closer to setting up the plan. All my senses are asking for more.

Anyway, I could go on and on with it. The lyrics for this song are basically about two people having sex while tying in biblical references to heaven, the key to the bottomless pit, and giving over to sin of the flesh.

Someone, please explain to me why this stuff is so popular? What happened to morality in the world?

If I took one thing from each song and turned it into a paragraph, it would read something like this:

#1 You are the sunrise. My heaven. The one who holds the key (and to him was give a key to the bottomless pit). #2 He can give you everything you desire if you give yourself over to him.  #3 Now that I have given in, I am the one. We are running out of time. #4 Just go out and party.  Find someone who will have sex with you. #5 Buy the world. If I kill, it’s because I am real.

Now, I have to stop and ask myself, why in the world would anyone want to listen to this stuff… let alone play it in a public family centered retail center?

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