So, here is the thing. I just have one question about the most recent, first ever, 4k live stream interview with NASA from the ISS.

At exactly 6 minutes and 5 seconds in the interview begins (you can just jump to that section on the video) with the ISS from the earth with a supposed 11 second delay. Makes sense considering the fact that they are streaming live from nearly 260 miles high up in the exosphere, right? At exactly 6 minutes and 31 seconds into the video he announces the 11 second delay.

My question is this; where do they get this 11 seconds?

It is absolutely absurd for a few reasons. One good reason is that if you go back and watch any or all interviews from the ground with the ISS, some videos have only like a 2 to 3 second delay. Not 11 seconds.

But the thing to really consider is this; at exactly 6 minutes and 49 seconds into this video, the crowd on earth gasps, and we see an instant reaction by astroNOT, Jack Fischer to the crowd.

How is that possible with an 11 second delay???

With that said, beyond the point of about 7 minutes into the video, you will have seen all there is to see. Because, let’s face it… the truth is hidden in plain sight.

But wait, there’s more.

If the 11 second delay, or any delay for that matter, is real… then how in the ever loving truth is this following video even possible? Any true musician will tell you it is absolutely impossible to do this with even a fraction of a delay, let alone 11 seconds.

Absolutely absurd.

I think the thing to point out here other than the obvious is the first set of lyrics in the song.

On solid fuel and wires….

You got that part right, NASA. Wires… is exactly how it’s done. Wires and slight of hand.

So, here is the thing.

Either NASA is lying about the 11 second delay to make the event of live streaming seem more amazing by emphasizing how far away they are from earth (which makes them a liar). Or, the other option is a) they were on the ground while they did the little music number and pretended to be in space (which makes them a liar) or, b) they aren’t in the exosphere at all and have been on earth the entire time (which also makes them a liar). And considering the fact that Jack Fischer instantly reacted to the crowd without a delay in the first video, I am more inclined to believe the later… because no mater how you look at it, they are lying.

Just think of it like this; a lot of people will say… but I have seen the ISS with my own eyes. It’s up there.

Next time you see a plane in the air, stop and consider how small it is at only a few miles up. If you think you are able to see that same plane with the naked eye at nearly 260 miles, you aren’t actually thinking.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Just ask NASA… because, who are we kidding. They don’t lie. Just ask Jack Fischer’s reaction in the first video.

How ignorant of me. I guess I’ll be on my way now.

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