Honestly, I was planning on doing my next blog post about Atlanta, GA and the fact that I find it funny that there are so many strange things going on in that neck of the woods (Highway fires, pavement expansion, and a sudden boom in Metro use). But I felt like I should touch on the rising trend in what has yet to be coined “domestic terrorism” at a level that has been seen with “global terror” since 9/11.

If you haven’t noticed already, there has been a rise in domestic attacks, either terrorist based or with the simple citizen rampage. I do not think that this is a coincidence. These types of events are controlled. For example; the Facebook killer, Sandy Hook, and countless others that are starting to happen every day.


If you genuinely think that most of these are not controlled events, you are in denial or refuse to look at the facts more closely.

But rather than point to all of the obvious ludicrousness to such events, like the coded numerology, the bad acting, the scripted interviews, and more… I want to spend this time touching on the main question. Rather than point out all the reasons why I know that most of the terrorism events domestically are fake, I will leave you to do the research yourself while pointing out the bigger picture of why. If you go into it with a subjective view rather than taking what the “controlled” media feeds you with a golden spoon, you will see beyond the comical inconsistencies between the various news affiliates on these stories.

So then… why the sudden outrageous boom in domestic terrorism? Thanks for asking…


The answer is simple. What small amount of freedom we do have left as citizens in America cannot simply be taken away from us without some type of fight. Unless of course we give up our freedom willingly in return for a false sense of security.

And what better way to have us hand over that freedom than by scaring us into giving it up willingly with headlines like “Killer could be Anywhere“. Give me a break. This following article, that just so happened to come out the same day that the FB killer joke ended, outlines the agenda very clearly.

Now assuming you jumped over and read that article, take into consideration the fact that these types of protocols are beginning to be enforced and add on one more nugget for good measure. FEMA Camps a real thing. And if you dig for yourself, you will find that a large number of Wal-Mart buildings nationwide have closed their doors.


But hey, barbed wire perimeters are totally normal. I am clearly just over thinking things… and martial law isn’t right around the corner or anything.


Silly me for being ignorant with my overactive imagination. Martial Law is coming. The stage is being set. But hey… don’t take my word for it. Just ask this gun wielding robot from Russia. Because, you know… we need guns in space for space exploration type stuff.


You couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to. I must be ignorant.

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