Well, I have been told by Sarah that I should write a post about music. I have recently been working part time in retail while trying to finish out my College Board Exams before stepping into my actual career of choice. With that in mind, music plays all day long at the store where I work. I can’t help put listen while occasionally catching snippets of actual truth sprinkled in with the songs about the lusts of money, fornication, and self. Satanism is the worship of self, not Satan. And pop-culture lyrics seem to be nothing but self centered short term gratification personified. But, honestly… I think most true Christians have realized that by now. This post is about taking those songs a step further, showing their deeper meanings beyond the obvious.

Upon reflection of many of these popular songs, hearing customers come in to the store humming along to the billboard favorites, you can’t help but realize how many of these consumers are asleep… just swallowing hole what the mainstream media in all its forms has to offer for their subconscious consumption.


I am a large believe in the following: what you listen to on repeat becomes what you think… and what you think becomes what you say… and what you say becomes what you do. With that in mind I want to point out that all of these songs have one common point of repetition being drilled over and over again into the minds of those around us, both willingly and unknowingly.

Now, obviously the mainstream world loves the lusts of the flesh. With that said, it is not a shocker when the radio at my work is suggesting to women that it is okay for them to prostitute themselves out, so long as they do it toward the right man. The type of man that can provide material happiness (Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like). Or, songs that say I don’t love you. I love your body (Ed Sheeran – Shape of You). Those types of songs are a given and focus on the pursuits self.

But, those aren’t the songs that have me writing this post. No, it is the ones that sprinkle in small bits of subliminal truth to them about what is really happening to these people while they consume this mainstream garbage while in a sleep like trance. When you listen to the song they are clearly talking about love of a female. But the female is never named. All of these mainstream songs are about the love of a woman in some form or fashion and I am here to tell you that this is no coincidence. Keep that in mind when you consider the Great Mother of Harlots in the book of Revelations.


Current Top Chart Examples (Note: for a full summary of the song lyrics, click the song title. Also, some of these songs do not play at my work. I just went to the Billboard top 100 and pulled at random from the current top 50.)

Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers

I have been reading the books of old and clearly I don’t see myself upon that list. She asked me where do I want to go and how much do I want to risk? I’m not looking for somebody. Just something I can turn to.

Portland – Drake

Don’t come around thinking you are getting saved. The woman will light a torch and shine the way.

Chained to the Rhythm – Katy Perry

I am crazy. Stay numb. So comfortable. You can’t see the trouble. Stumble around in the darkness. Happily numb. Ignore the trouble. You are chained to the rhythm. Just dance. Think you are free. Just dance.

Mercy – Shawn Mendes

You’ve got a hold of me. Don’t even know your power. I stand a hundred feet, but I fall in your presence. Heart of old, testify. All I have is my pride. I am your puppet.

24k Magic – Bruno Mars

I just want to take you higher. Throw your hands up in worship.

Water Under the Bridge – Adela

If you do not submit to me I will bring you to your knees. Hate the idea of being free. I want her to be my keeper despite the fact that her wilderness is cold and reckless. Don’t pretend that you don’t want her. Our love is important. Say that our love is important. What are you waiting for?  

As a whole I can’t help but conclude the following: The subconscious message of these love songs is simple. You are not written in the Lambs book of life. Follow the Harlot instead. You are not getting saved. The harlot will light the way as long as you follow her. Stay numb while you stumble around in the poorly lit path and ignore the warning signs. Everything will be fine. Just have fun. Live in the now. Hold onto your pride while the harlots takes hold on you. Throw your hands up in worship. What are you waiting for? You are not free.

Now, clearly… anyone can suggest that I could pull any songs together to make any message that I want when I am being selective with the lyrics. I will agree with that as well. But this is the thing to remember. I pulled these songs at random from the current top 50. Next month when the top 50 songs are all brand new and we have a fresh run of lyrics to pick from, I promise you one thing to be true. The subconscious thyme will remain the same. Mainstream media and music wants you to drink of the cup of her fornication awake or not.

And what better way than to cram it in your face on repeat day in and day out while you trudge through your day, week, month, and year… completely asleep.

But hey, I am clearly just pulling all of this out of thin air. Don’t listen to me. I’m just ignorant.


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