For those of you that may have not come across this yet, I thought I would share this little tid-bit of information while also tying it together with the fact that the Washington, DC street map is actually formatted with intentional symbolism. So, there you have it.

Think on that for a bit.


Keep in mind that there are many more symbols to look through. I just happened to pick these few to look at. There are plenty of them aside from the pentagram, the owl, and the all seeing eye. There are masonic symbols (as above, so below)… as well as other triangles and even a broken cross below the pentagram.


What are the odd, right? Now, you may be asking yourself… what do the symbols and lineage¬†have to do with anything let alone each other? Well, as we can clearly tell when reading the bible, lineage is very important, which is why we trace Jesus back to the promises of the old testament in the first chapter of the book of Mathew. If lineage is important to God, then wouldn’t it be safe to assume Satan takes it seriously as well?


But, hey… I’m just ignorant. It’s clearly all just a coincidence.

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