So, I have been on this “Nasa isn’t real” kick lately. And the question I continue to be asked is, why would they lie to us? Well, aside from the underlying reason to continue to perpetuate a false truth known as the Copernican Principle, the other obvious and most accepted reason is, Money! Did you know that Nasa’s budget for 2016 was $18.5 billion dollars? And in 2017 and 2018 that number is only going to rise. Here is a PDF for their overall budget (if you want to view for yourself the budget for the figures listed below, just look up the affiliate companies, all of which are provided in detail on Nasa’s site). And the funny thing is, when you look at all of the projects that this organization has going all at the same time, all the people and sister companies invested in each project, the budget is clearly well beyond what is reported in the PDF. But, who am I? I don’t know how to use a calculator.

So, what about the ISS? How much money per pound does it cost us to send them things in space? Well… water is necessary for life, but crazy expensive in space. A 16 ounce bottle of water weighs about a pound, so it’s a good baseline for how much stuff costs to send to the space station. And that number is staggeringly between $9,100 to $43,180 per pound. Obviously, they don’t send water anymore. Apparently they drink pee now. But even still, it costs just as much to send up anything per pound. The average gorilla suit weighs roughly 4.5 pounds. With that said, this thing cost roughly $39,130 to $185,680 to send up to the ISS (not to mention all the other non-science related junk that continues to get sent up there). For example, a lemon would be about $2,000 a piece when you compare their average weight.


If you compare the budgets for most of the ISS related programs like the HTV, ATV, Dragon, and Cygnus together we come up with an alarming number. Essentially, when you combine the payroll for the ground crew and the space crew together along with the payloads that occur regularly, the ISS costs roughly $60 Million Dollars per day! You have got to be kidding me, people. Open your eyes. This is not science. It’s a freaking television show. They aren’t scientists. They are entertainers. And if you can’t see that with the few pictures I have provided here, then I feel sorry for you… because I only grabbed a few of the many outrageous images of these so called scientists doing everything but science.


Because, let’s face it. A lot could be accomplished here on the ground in the real world if we have $60 Million Dollars a day to spend on things like poverty, hunger, and other types of sufferings (natural disaster victims). I am personally of the opinion that the ISS isn’t actually manned as they claim. But regardless of that view, these numbers are alarming and should be considered from anyone who cares about how wise NASA is being with our money (for example: that gorilla suit would have impacted thousands of lives if the money had been spent on something like International poverty).

But what do I know, I am just an ignorant misguided fool. Space is our future. Not the starving youth.

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