One: They Photoshop EVERYTHING. We don’t have a single photograph of Earth from deep space. You can see for yourself. Just go to Nasa’s website and download one of their photos of the blue marble, pull it into photoshop and start looking for areas where you can clearly see that they have used the clone tool!



Two: They didn’t actually die. The Challenger exploded and yet, these people are still alive. You can look them up actually for yourself. They are not dead.


If you are prone to tell not one, but two lies, at what point should we believe anything you say at all? We have never had anyone in the outer vacuum of space. Just think about it. The thermosphere reaches upwards of 2000 degrees fahrenheit. This is the area that the ISS is supposed to be located. When you think about that just keep this one fact in mind; aluminum melts at about 600 degrees



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