So, I have been on this NASA hoax kick lately. I am a huge fan of space and have come across a large amount of information and conspiracy content that puts NASA in question. Things like, we never landed on the Moon… or we never landed a Rover on Mars and what have you. Now, after doing some research on that stuff I wasn’t sure what to believe. With that said, I began to look at the ISS. The international space station that happens to be in orbit. In my hunt for the truth I have developed more questions than answers. And when it comes to the ISS I only have two questions. And I am posting this blog not to say I know anything or that I believe any one thing, either. I am posting this blog because I want to know. Someone please explain this to me.
Question One: There are a seemingly endless number of satellites in orbit. With that said, where are they? The ISS never seems to show any. If there really are that many, what keeps the ISS from taking on constant life threatening damage from potential space debris caused by this sea of satellites and other objects left in orbit from other space related missions? Surely with this many satellites in orbit we would see them in the ISS footage or better yet, all the time drifting across our point of view when looking at the Moon. I have never personally seen a satellites drift across the face of the moon. Have you? Surely, with that much activity, the ISS camera would be showing us some satellites. But it doesn’t. Where are the satellites?

Question two: why does my NASA tracking App either glitch or not match up with the live feed provided by NASA from the ISS streaming online?
There is a chat room associated with this live feed. When pointing out that the there should be a land mass below the ISS at a given time according to its location (It was going over Europe according to the ISS tracker in my NASA app at the time), I was kicked out of the chat room. The live feed clearly shows just a mass of blue ocean during duration that the ISS is supposed to be going over bodies of land. For example when the ISS was over Asia according to my App, the live online feed just showed a blue ball. Goes over Europe… a blue ball. When I brought up this anomaly I was simply kicked out of the chat.

Later, when I finally was allowed to chat again I asked why the camera on my NASA App of the ISS always went dark or off when going over a body of land. Rather than being given an explanation, I again was instantly kicked out. I wasn’t being abrasive in any way. All I wanted to know was – a; why does the NASA app not sink properly with the live feed available on the web – and b; why my NASA app glitches out every time this land coverage occurs.
There were people in the chat being rude, vulgar, and rambling about idiotic nothingness like virginity and being the first person to have sex in space. And yet, my question/comment that had actual relevance to the topic of the feed was ejected instantly. Why is that?

Here are just a few screen shots I have taken from my phone while making this observation. Something definitely doesn’t add up. And to be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of videos out there that imply some pretty wild stuff in the realm of conspiracy. And the thing is… I am not showing those videos here. This is my personal observation and not some goofy video made by someone else. With that said it was merely those outlandish videos calling the ISS a joke that made me do my own digging.

And oddly enough, this is what I found. What is the deal?


I am not saying NASA is fake. I am not saying NASA is real. I am not saying the world is round. And I am not saying the world is flat. All I am saying is, I want answers!!!

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