Alright, here is the thing. I don’t know what I believe anymore when it comes to NASA and anything they say. I already posted my thoughts on just a few of the highlights associated with the reason many people believe the moon landings to be a hoax. After stumbling across the moon landing content I dug a little more and came across a Conference video of the Mars Rover Landing. This was not a hoax video. This was just merely the genuine video of the conference held after the landing supposedly took place. The conference video is nearly an hour long, so you have to be interested in this type of thing to sit through it. And honestly, I am glad I did. This conference was a joke. None of the people in charge of operations could answer a single question asked of them by normal people like you and me. There was no science talk at all. It was literally just a bunch of dudes on a stage blumbering through the event with their fingers crossed. Rather than answer simple questions that clearly should have been answerable, they rambled about nothing, used small words, stuttered, and even pretended to call out names of other associates in the room as if those alleged people would have the answer.  I was so completely astounded by this conference video that I was instantly hooked. I needed to see more. It is clear that these “engineers” don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Since the video is so long, I found a condensed version of it here for you that highlights some of the idiocracy. And to further help aid my point, the video starts out as if it were a Saturday Night Live skit. It’s completely pathetic.

Obviously, anyone who keeps up with any sort of conspiracy theories regarding NASA will have at least heard of the various objects found on the red planet. Bones of animals. Strange unexplainable shapes and so forth. Well, after digging around for quite a while I found one video that covers quite a bit of the content you can find scattered and sifted across the web. This video is also rather lengthy because it covers so much, coming in at over an hour and a half. I will say, however, that I watched the entire thing. Not only do these film makers discus the photos taken by the Rover, but they also touch on some very interesting topics like; how do the solar panels keep getting cleaned, how does the battery of previous “smaller” Rovers last as long as they have; and the obvious photo editing.

If the Rover isn’t on Mars, then where is it? This video is short and simple, highlighting the locations that NASA currently has camp set up. Ironically enough, the landscape it very similar to the supposed photos being transmitted from Mars.

This last video is just a quick little two second video of a guy that stumbled across yet another NASA image that has clearly been mortified in some way.

The conclusion to all of this is simple. With all of this potential evidence mounting, it won’t be much longer before the NASA saga comes crumbling down. And when it does I am curious to see what happens. Obviously NASA hasn’t been government funded in a little while, but they did spend a long time funded by the powers that be. And if all of this stuff is fake, that money went somewhere. I am curious as to where it would have gone.

But who am I? I am just an ignorant Christian. Clearly my creationist views are what drive this type of hogwash and not at all my simple desire for the truth.

UPDATE 1/15/17
Here is a new video that shows some rather ridiculous Photoshop editing.


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