I have just recently decided to go back to being a pescetarian. A pescetarian is essentially like a vegetarian with one major acceptation. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from animals. No meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and so on. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat but will still enjoy things from the dairy section of the grocery store. With that, pescetarians are of the vegetarian variety except they still eat fish. No pigs. No cows. No chicken. No meat from any land animals of any kind.

Why then have I decided to do this? And what do I mean by doing it “again“?

Long story short: I have always had a soft spot for animals. All of my pets have always been rescue animals. And as much as I believe in human rights, I also believe in animal rights as well. Shame on you for wearing fur or makeup from some elitist company that tests their products on animals. It’s just cruel. A long time ago I was actually a vegan. No meat. No dairy. Just veggies and grains. I surprisingly managed to do this diet for an entire year. At that time I did this as a result of my passions and because of countless PETA documentaries that I happened to be watching at the time. Once that year went by I just gave up on it, not because it was hard, but because people refused to accommodate my dietary needs when I visited them.  Then, when I met my wife who happens to be a vegetarian I went vegetarian while still eating fish. Honestly, I did it this time for her rather than my feelings toward life. This lasted for about two years of our marriage. I then gave up on it again going back to eating meat simple because neither of us were great cooks and the food choices as a vegetarian got old pretty quickly. Our lack of creativity in the kitchen did me in.

So, why pick it back up and try for this dietary lifestyle once more?

For a few reasons actually.

One, when we cook at home we already cook vegetarian. With that in mind I pretty much have only been doing the meat thing when we go out to restaurants or friends houses. My second reason it actually stated above. There is still a small part of me that longs for the level of animal cruelty to subside in America. With supply and demand so high annually, the animals that are raised for consumption are treated worse than holocaust victims. And as a meat eater I have been part of the problem rather than the solution. My third and final reason is in fact a creepy one.

As most of you already know, I am an embalmer.

foodI have been handling dead bodies a lot lately. Just big hunks of rotting meat stacked in a freezer slowly decaying away. As a result of this job and my experience in this field I have come to realize the rate at which meat actually decomposes while still being refrigerated. And trust me when I tell you, meat decays pretty fast even at freezing temperatures. Seeing this first hand with human remains as if I were a butcher in a meat market processing cow hides has somewhat altered my train of thought, bringing me back to the passion for life and equality for all living things. If the meat of a human being decays at a high rate then the lunch meat in your home refrigerator is no different. In fact, your home refrigerator probably doesn’t get nearly as cold as the ones at the morgue. With that in mind, chewing on fibrous sinew just kind of started to creep me out a little bit.

Having said that, I am on a new yet familiar dietary adventure. This time around I hope to become a better cook.

Anyway, enough ranting for one night. Moral of the story – adopt and rescue. Meat is murder… especially when it reminds you of your gory day job.

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