I must be Ignorant is a brand spanking new site for me. I have had a few in my day, what with being in various bands in my twenties, running publishing companies, and sharing sites with the lady in my life. But this one is new and will be the primary focus for my online ranting of thoughts and ideas. I named this sight as it is for a few reasons. One, a lot of my views and opinions in the eyes of many people may seem… well, ignorant. For example I am a Christian for starters. What kind of an ignorant person believes there is a God when M theory is clearly the end all answer? Or how about the fact that I am a firm believer in the idea that dinosaurs existed during the more recent stent of mankind’s meager existence? It gets better, trust me. I put this site together to help clear my head. To just jot down thoughts and ideas. To share my designs, art, music, and patchwork. To be myself while realizing that most everyone else probably will read this stuff and roll their eyes at how ignorant I really am. And honestly, I am totally okay with that.

Just because you know how to roll your eyes doesn’t necessarily make you right either.

So, stay posted. It is sure to get worse.


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